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Garden Center "de Panneschop"

Gorgeous garden center in Rose Village Lottum

The village of Lottum thanks his qualification, "The rose village!" at the large number of roses, which are grown in the direct region. You can see it directly! Everywhere in the village, you can see roses. In our Garden Centre "de Panneschop", you will find a wide variety of roses. Standard roses, shrub roses, climbing roses in all sizes and types. Where ever you are, you are surrounded by a fragrant rose splendour. 

We specialize in potted roses available in bloom by June. But you can buy them also in another blooming stage earlier in the year, but always with a tailor-made advice. With over 35 years of experience, we dare to say that you buy a high quality product with us. Also in the area of innovation, we rely on an annual update. 

Pergula garden center

Garden Centre "de Panneschop"


Garden Centre "de Panneschop", the Plant Paradise on the German-Dutch border near the town of Venlo.

The Garden Centre is run by its owner Mrs. Toos Seuren and they are selling a unique range of products with the highest quality plants. In addition to roses, you will find here also a wonderful variety of fruit trees, herbs, perennials, book trees, yew trees, shrubs, climbing plants, conifers and rhododendrons. Our garden advice is free of charge and we want to help you to choose the right plants. Therefore we have an answer to all your questions.

If you plan to make changes to your garden ,we are happy to advise you. In this case, we advise you to contact us well before hand to make an appointment so that we can reserve enough time for a complete advice. Also take some pictures of your current situation, so that we have a picture of how to make the changes.

In short, a visit to our Garden Centre with our beautiful rose garden is always worthwhile and for sure you can count on our professional advice.

Rose Nursery

Because our rose nursery (Seuren Bros. Rose Nursery BV) is ranked among the best and biggest in Europe, we can always select the finest quality for you. And so we invite all you garden and rose-lovers to one of the finest garden centres in the village of roses, Lottum, where, from the beginning of June on, you can enjoy the manifold colours and wonderful scents of our romantic rose garden.

Toos Seuren