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Christiaan Seuren

Seuren, nursery since 1838

The name Seuren has been synonymous with horticulture for over 150 years in the village of roses, Lottum, in North Limburg. Since 1838 the art of cultivation, with roses as an important speciality, has been passed down from father to son. Down through the years a blooming international trade has developed alongside the nursery.  In 1838 the farmer Johannes Seuren was one of the first Lottumers to begin cultivating fruit trees in order to supplement the frugal income of the times. After Johannes’s death in 1858, his 20-year-old son, Christiaan, took over the running of the company.

Sjeng, Frans en Fons

Sjeng, Frans en Fons

In the 1880’s the sale of the trees moved on beyond Limburg itself to include buyers in the provinces of Gelderland and North Brabant, and also in Germany.
It was around this time that Christiaan’s sons, Frans, Sjeng and Fons Seuren, took over the nursery. In the following years the nursery was expanded further. Alongside the cultivation of fruit and avenue trees, the cultivation of roses began to play an important role. Exports also began to grow. Roses became the main cultivation activity of the Seuren family company, where Sjeng’s 4 sons, Jan, Chrit, Fons and Ruud now also worked. In addition to roses, conifers, forest trees, and hedgerow shrubbery were also cultivated.

Jan, Chrit, Fons en Ruud

The fourth generation

In 1958 the four brothers took over the business, with the old generation gradually stepping down. In the following years the nursery was expanded further and the old buildings and greenhouses were replaced with new ones. 18 hectares of new ground were purchased in 1969. In 1980 the decision was taken to build on this ground resulting in the construction of a much bigger warehouse with cold storage facilities and offices, fully adapted to meet the most sophisticated needs. In the 1970’s rose sales had grown to one and a half million pieces. In addition, a large number of forest trees and hedging plants was being delivered. By 1976 the Seuren brothers had begun with container cultivation, a practise that was to see a gradual increase.
Export assumed greater importance and at present accounts for 90% of total production. Anno 2009 the sale of roses has risen to 2 million pieces.

John, Piet, Rob en Stan

The fifth generation

By 1987 it was time for the fifth generation to take the reins. Jan Seuren’s four sons, John, Peter, Rob and Stan took over the business. They were responsible for bringing the company to its present level, modernising machinery and investing further in container cultivation. The 90’s saw the setting up of the patio plant division, based in Venlo. 80,000 patio plants are cultivated here annually. 
Today Gebr. Seuren Rozenkwekerijen BV cultivates over 53 hectares of land, divided up into 39 ha roses, 9 ha conifers and 5 ha container cultivation. Export is now carried out on a worldwide basis. A highly motivated 25-man team (including the directors), which grows to 50 in the high season, is now responsible for the continued growth of this healthy family business. More than 170 years of expertise, quality and service are at the heart of the


The sixth generation

Since January 2017 it is the 6th generation, which took over the business.  The daughter of former Director John Seuren, Suzanne Verhaegh- Seuren is the new CEO of  the180 year old family business . After more than 15 years of service within the organization it was time for her to move on and take the next step.

In addition to patio plants and conifers, it are still  the Roses , which have the largest cultivation area and are the main activity for Gebr. Seuren.. Since June 2018  the department conifers is completely renovated. The acquisition of nursery Coen Kessels ensured the enlargement of the range of conifers with over 130 new and different varieties With 20 permanent employees the family business is growing  into a true plant specialist, which exports worldwide.