Statement concerning

Dear Customer,



Gebr. Seuren Rozenkwekerijen BV attaches great importance to the protection of your personal information and ensures that the personal information you provide will be treated as confidential as possible. We process your personal- and company data in accordance with the current legislation in force and, therefore, in accordance with the directives in force from May 25, 2018 of the General data protection Regulation (AVG also known under GDPR), which throughout Europe than will be at force .Although this law will be at force around Europe, each country will interprete this law upon itself and will take own enforcement actions, Gebr. Seuren Rozenkwekerijen BV, which is established in the Netherlands, this will be Dutch Law . Within this statement we like to expresse our way of dealing with your data such as these are also embedded in our internal administrative organisation and now in the new law.

  1. Transperancy is the key word. For questions regarding Data, Protection of Data and this new law, we have designated a Data Protection Manager, who will be able to answer all the questions and is able to inform you around our protection status, he can be reached at our office, Grubbenvorsterweg 44, 5973 NB Lottum The Neteherlands or by E mail at Further you will find the actual statement on our website  ,
  1. We are clear in our communication and there where contacts lead to enter into legal agreements, the conditions are clearly established.

a.  Data processing in agreement.

When you place an order with us, we process for the drawing up,the  implementation and the final delivery of the goods ,the necessary corporate and personal data, in order to enable us to complete the agreement on an accurate manner. We will therefore enter in our businesssystems  the Data supplied by you ,the customer, as there are:  first name, last name, address, postal code, city, country, telephone number, fax number, email address, VAT number and further specific characteristics, which are necessary for the implementation or delivery of the order. For matters as a  deviating delivery address, we also establish corresponding data. In order to meet legal obligations, we will have to share on-demand Data or parts of them with government agencies, which serve the current legal notice. Not more but no less.

We also share relevant parts of this data with our carriers, in order to ensure, that the orders are delivered in a timely manner to the right address. This state of affairs is established and legally anchors in article 6, paragraph 1, point b of the GDPR, as you supplied us freely with the personal and business data on the basis of the sales contract. The data will be stored by us in-assured electronic databases, based and assigned to you by your accounts receivable (customer) number.  This in accordance with article 6, paragraph 1, point (f) of the GDPR which makes it possible for us to identify you as the correct customer associated with this data set. Based on the current techniques and based on the type of data and  our potential risk analysis and of course based upon proportional implementation costs, the storage and processing are secured by technical and organisational measures and associated work instructions in accordance with the AO manifest, so that the security level complies with article 32 of the AVG. In addition to communication purposes we store this data for the previously mentioned legal bases under our terms of business and tax law, during the legal periods (article 6, paragraph 1 letter c of the GDPR).

In order to be able to serve you  also in the future, we will store your commercial data, articles, purchase numbers, delivery data and prices, this of course for internal and statistical use only and to give you the best possible service in case of repeat orders or at any quality questions.

b. Data processing for communicative purposes.

As already indicated, we use your Information/ Data to process your orders, but in addition we can use these data also to inform you by mailshots or advertisments on our product range, renewals and or range data which we like to share with you. You are of course free to ask us to remove you  from this mail or advertising shots. A simple phone call( during officehours) to 0031-77-3662550 of a e-mail to is fully sufficient

  1. We give you control of your data with us.

In addition to the right of revocation (see above) you become within the framework of the GDPR law further rights, which are only  limited by statutory provisions from fiscal and commercial law. So do you have at any time the ability to:

l  Forward additional information or questions, about the data we have stored about your company or persons.

l   Right to correct or complete the information

l   Right to personal data removed

l   Right to limitation on the processing of personal and company data

l   Right to data portability, by the  means of our IT structure, which will provide the data in a desired structured format. However, IT limits apply.

l   In addition, on the basis of art 21. paragraph 1 GDPR, you will have the possibility to object to capturing our data processing for reasons arising from the particular situation of the person concerned.

l   In the case of applications from the public authorities for access to the captured personal and company information  we will inform you within the permitted legal frameworks, concerning the request made in this. 

l  In case of a data leak or otherwise the regulations currently in force are breached, you will be informed without unreasonable delay or receive a notification.

l  Through periodically screening and updates this statement and  the security measures will be reviewed and if necessary updated to mentain our securitylevels.. We will also periodically review this statement on the basis of the explanation (and or audits) of the legislator and see to it that provisions are updated. You will find always the most current version of this statement on our website:

If you have any questions? Do not hesitate and contact us. Preferably by mail  or consult our web site